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Black Vs. White


Black v. White is a first-person shooter, multi-player, strategy-based capture the flag game.  It was created using the Torque Shader Engine.


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When a player joins the game, they are prompted to choose between the Black team or the White team.  This choice has no real significance as both sides have the same classes and bases.

In the game play area, there are 5 bases.  Each team's flag is in their respective base, which are at either side of the map.  The other 3 bases, which are placed throughout the rest of the map, are capture points.

Blue Base

Capture points are structures that, in the first three rounds, must be 'captured' for 60 seconds each in order to unlock other classes.  Each round lasts 3 minutes.

When the game begins, each team is spawned in their respective bases.   The first round is dedicated to capturing the first point, which is located in the Lower Battle Grounds.  The first player who enters the capture point will start a timer for that team.  Once a team holds a point uncontested (uncontested meaning they have the most players in that point) for 60 seconds, the point then belongs to that team.  Whomever holds that point uncontested at the end of the first round wins the round and gets the opportunity to choose a class from the class list.  

The next two capture points work the same way as the first.  

High Ground: Stables 

 High Ground: Well

    When the first three rounds are over, normal capture the flag begins.  However, each team has acquired different classes and now much build a strategy using the classes they have won.    After 20 minutes, the points are calculated and a winner is declared.



    Each player that joins the server starts off with this class.  It is very similar to the 'scout' class in other games, meaning it runs faster than all other classes, has a relatively weak weapon but many bullets, a crowbar, two grenades, but a lower health rating.  This is the best offensive class since it can traverse large amounts of gameplay area in a small time.


     The Bishop is the sniper class.  Therefore, it is generally defensive, but has some offensive capabilities.  The sniper's weapon has a long scoping distance, which makes long distance shots much easier to make.  The fire rate of the sniper rifle is relatively slow, giving opposing players to find cover in between shots.  Also, the sniper can turn his rifle onto 'automatic' fire.  This negates the scope ability, but allows for a rapid succession of firing.  The sniper also has two grenades, the default pistol, and the crowbar.  This class is best used for defense.


    The knight class is purely offensive, but can be used as defensive support. This is by far the most powerful of classes, but moves the slowest and has much less ammo than the others.  This class is equipped with a rocket launcher, two grenades, a crowbar, and the default pistol.  


    The rook class is purely defensive.  This class has the ability to build sentry guns that can protect volatile areas.  Sentry guns will shoot any player of the opposing team that comes within it's viewable area.  The sentry gun can be destroyed by other teams by dealing the appropriate amount of damage.  The rook carries a crowbar, a shotgun, two grenades, and the default pistol.