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Nintendo DS Development

Tallest Towers (2008)

Tallest Towers is a puzzle game revolving around building towers from blocks.  You are not building uncontested, however.  You and your opponents have the opportunity to damage an opponents tower.  Who will be the first to reach the Gods?  Only time will tell.

Latest Build: Tallest Tower Prototype + Emulator + Source + Game Design Documents

Built on: 9/6/2008

To Be a Lobbyist (2008)

A prototype edutainment game use to explore the role of lobbyists in government.

Latest Build:  To Be a Lobbyist v.5 + Source + Emulator

Built on:  5/01/2008

2D Physics Engine (2007) 

2D Physics simulator that was made for a C Programming class.  Myself and Chad Godsey worked jointly on this project.


Latest Build: 2D Physics Simulator and DS Emulator 

Built On:   4/26/2007

Fell Virtue (2007)

Fell Virtue is a 2D side-scrolling action-adventure game for the Nintendo DS.  You play as the main character, Justice, who uses a gun and whip-like object to traverse a post-apocalyptic world down into the depths of hell.  

The game will implement rope physics to define the movement of Justice's whip.  

Run animation


Jump Animation  

I've swapped out the 'rope' functionality viewed above for a more controllable game play mechanism.  This means the player has more freedom to draw the orbs.  For example, he can draw a circle around himself to defend against attacks, draw a line that catches him from falling, or draw a line that allows him to climb upwards.

Built On:  October 18th, 2007