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Something Human

Valve Source Engine

Something Not Human:  A Half-Life 2 Mod 

These are a few screenshots of the Half-Life 2 mod created for the Game Design I class at the University of Missouri-Columbia.  All images below are taken from sections I created.  

The player starts off in a center silo where he is told he must escape this maze as a test.  There are several entrances going up the silo, but the only way to access levels higher up is to complete the puzzles in each room.  Based partly on puzzle solving, partly on shooting a lot of creatures.


Bottom of the 'Hive':  An area where Antlions were tested by the scientists. The map of the hive can be seen.  It covered a hole that allowed progression to the next node of the hive.

Ventilation system with headcrab.

An escaped Antlion in the sewers below the hive


More sewer creatures.

Exiting the sewers and back into the hive.  Break the box to unlock another part of the hive puzzle. 


Computer screen with a camera object in the other room.  You can view the next grate unlocking from this computer.


 Elevator that brings the player back up the main game area.

The final stage:  Kill the Scientist who was testing you...

..with your bare hands.

Almost free!  (Glare effect)

This is the future:  Good luck getting home.