Mobile Development


BookMyne is an iPhone application that allows for public library patrons to access library resources, retrieve reading recommendations, view and alter account information, and download/read electronic audio and eBook resources.

Experience Gained:  MVC, Agile, Objective-C, iOS SDK, Mobile application development, clustering algorithms, OpenGL ES

BookMyne 4.0 

BookMyne 4.0 is a full re-write of the native iOS/Android application. Does the same as previous iterations of BookMyne, but was made cross-platform with HTML5/Javascript and wrapped with Cordova to provide native-level access to functionality.

Experience Gained: Java, HTML5/Javascript, Sencha Touch, Web Profiling, Jersey, Hibernate, AWS, MySQL, Liquibase

Truffle Travel

Truffle Travel is a travel companion app targeted at creating unique and safe experience for women travelers. Built with the iOS SDK, backed by Wordpress. I was the second contractor to work on this project and spent much time cleaning up the first contractors mis-understandings about iOS applications along with some new integration (, bug fixes, and polish. 

Experienced gained: Objective-C, iOS SDK, Zend PHP Framework (Web services), Auth.NET (secure CC payments)